Legit Or Scam? How to Know the Difference Between Apetamin Stores in 2019


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Are you legit? This is a question more newcomers are asking when visiting our shop. Why? Because different Apetamin stores are popping up online every month. So whether you decide to get your Apetamin from The7050Store.com or elsewhere. We’re going to give you 5 easy ways to determine whether or not that store you’re checking out is legit.

1. Unusually Low Prices

Who doesn’t love a great sale? You may be able to find the occasional holiday special or 1 day flash sale. However, if your Apetamin seller is consistently selling WAY below current market prices ($20 – $35 as of 2019). Then, you may want to proceed with caution. $10 for 4 bottles might be a little sketchy.

2. App Only Sellers

To be fair, traditional payment processors have started to make it difficult to sell Apetamin online. Some sellers have to resort to apps as a backup to keep their stores running. But, if selling through Cash App, Venmo, or Zelle has always been their only means of accepting payments. You may want to look elsewhere. Apps are difficult to get any recourse in case your seller decides to jip you out of money.

3. No Original Content

No blog? E-book? Free guide? Some sellers don’t post any free original content simply because they don’t have any. They flat out don’t really know what Apetamin is or how it works. It’s simply a get “rich” quick money making endeavor. Look for sellers that can provide you meaningful educational information via social media or official website.

4. Communication Ends Immediately After Buying

One telltale sign of an Apetamin scam artist is a dropoff in communication post sales. Some even go as far as blocking the buyer right after purchasing the item. Legit sellers typically have a 1-2 business day turnaround time for post sales communication. Heed the advice from the prior 3 steps and save yourself the headache.

5. No Store Policy

All major legit online businesses have store policies or terms of service for their company. This is the legal agreement between the store and the customer that sets the expectations. If the store you plan on ordering from doesn’t have this agreement, you may want to explore other options if you’re already feeling apprehensive.

Use the tips in this post to the best of your abilities in order to keep yourself safe online. Apetamin sellers can bait you in with very seductive sales pitches and leave you hanging in the end. Use your gut instinct in addition to the steps we’ve provided to you today. There’s no better combination than knowledge and instincts.

Happy Gaining!

– The 7050 Store Staff

Visit The7050Store.com Today for Apetamin, Tablets, Waist Trainers, and Free Guides.

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