How to Keep A Flat Stomach While Gaining Weight

Every woman is excited when they begin their weight gain journey. You eat more, look healthier, and feel confident as expected. When you finally put on those much-needed pounds you’ll see fullness everywhere. But, this could be an issue when it comes to your stomach. Below, we will give you 3 easy ways to maintain a flat stomach while gaining weight.

1. Be Aware of Sodium Intake

When your appetite finally increases, you can find yourself reaching for any and everything to eat. Be mindful that high sodium foods can cause water retention that goes straight to the stomach for many body types. This is why we always recommend preparing high protein & carb meals for yourself and not going for unhealthy fast foods.

2. Manage Your Stress

It’s very important to manage your stress levels as you gain weight. According to a 2000 Yale University Study, the hormone “cortisol” has a propensity of increasing belly fat in women. You may have been lucky enough to not experience this at your previous weight, but as you develop your new size, this will become more obvious. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, take care of your mental health, and enjoy the company of great friends.

3. Do Ab Exercises

This may sound obvious to some; however, there is so much misinformation floating around the internet that we have to reiterate this point. If you want to have a toned and flat stomach as you add pounds to your body, you’re going to need to do ab exercises. Try workouts such as crunches, sit-ups, and planks first thing in the morning.

Your weight gain journey is truly a wonderful experience. You get to see your body look fuller, feel sexier, and exude more confidence. As you do so, make sure you follow the tips in the article to maintain a flat stomach while gaining weight. We, of course, offer additional help in our weight gain bundle that will assist your abs in the process.

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