How Stress Is Causing You to Lose Weight

When it comes to the struggle of gaining weight many people point to a handful of factors: genetics, low food intake, low carbs, etc.. However, there’s one commonly overlooked contributor to this issue: Stress. In the article below, we will explain why stress is affecting your body weight & how to manage it.
In stressful situations, the human body creates a hormone known as “corticotropin-releasing hormone.” This creates an appetite suppressing reaction in the body. This, of course, will contribute your lack of success when gaining weight. In order to solve this problem, we will need to manage your stress and boost your calorie intake.
Managing Stress
1. Get More Rest
The anxiety that comes with being stressed out can be taxing on your mental health. Getting more rest can help to recharge your body and clear your mind. Listening to relaxing music while laying down can also help provide a little more “you” time.
2. Engage in Productive Hobbies
We all have hobbies that help us to take a break from the world. Some like dancing, others like reading a great book, and some like taking a spa day with the girls and reconnecting with loved ones. The goal is to get into a constructive activity that helps to ease the mind, body, and soul.
3. Snack On Mood-Boosting Foods
When you finally start to see your appetite return, make sure you reach for a few of these mood-boosting foods:
Whole Grains
Managing stress is a work in progress for many of us. The goal is to keep it under control to the point that is not a contributing roadblock in your weight gain journey. To assist with the solution our store offers great products to boost your appetite and slow your metabolism. Always remember to control your stress and never let it control you. Gaining healthy weight begins in the mind and results in the body.

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